HEINEKEN publishes combined financial and sustainability Annual Report 2021

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HEINEKEN publishes combined financial and sustainability Annual Report 2021

Amsterdam, 25 February 2022 - Heineken N.V. ('HEINEKEN') today published its combined financial and sustainability annual report. We delivered a strong set of results in 2021 in a challenging and fast-changing environment. In 2021, we announced our Brew a Better World strategy for 2030 to drive progress towards a net zero, fairer and healthier world. Our commitments are raising the bar on climate action, accelerating efforts to support the social agenda and driving our brands to be more ambitious in ensuring consumers around the world always have a zero-alcohol choice while promoting moderate consumption of alcohol.

Key highlights from HEINEKEN’s Annual Report 2021 include:

  • Q&A with Dolf van den Brink, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO, on our EverGreen strategy.
  • 2021 detailed business review, highlights from our brands and innovations, consumer trends and financial statements.
  • Insights about our EverGreen strategic priorities to drive superior growth; fund the growth; raise the bar on sustainability & responsibility; become the best connected brewer; unlock the full potential of our people.
  • A detailed update and achievements on Brew a Better World 2030:
    • 16% reduction of absolute carbon emissions since 2018, on our path to become net zero by 2030, and in our full value chain by 2040;
    • One third of our sites in water-stressed areas are now water balanced;
    • We increased the percentage of women in senior management positions to 25%, with the aim to increase this to at least 30% by 2025 and 40% by 2030;
    • 97% of operating companies have been assessed on equal pay for equal work and will have actions in place to close any gaps by 2023;
    • To ensure that all our employees worldwide earn at least a fair wage1 by 2023, we have assessed 63% of operating companies so far, of which 99% are compliant;
    • Heineken® 0.0 is now available in more than 100 markets and we are halfway our journey to ensure a zero-alcohol option for at least two strategic brands in the majority of our operating companies, so that there is always a choice;
    • 1.2 billion consumers reached with Heineken® responsible consumption campaigns, investing over 10% of its media spend, making moderation cool;
    • We continued to raise the bar on our governance and transparent reporting, including signing up for the WEF’s Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics and TCFD.

 We are on a journey to make sustainability and responsibility drivers of growth and meaningfulness with consumers. In 2022, we will continue to raise the bar on sustainability and responsibility.


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1 A fair wage is often higher than the minimum wage and should be sufficient for a decent standard of living, covering the basic needs for the employee and his or her family: from food, housing and education to healthcare, transportation and some discretionary income and savings. Data on Fair Wages is obtained through the Fair Wage Network.