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Paris - March 30, 2022 - Atari (the "Company"), announces today the success of its share capital increase with preferential subscription rights for all shareholders, launched on March 15, 2022.

The Share Capital Increase will be used to strengthen the Company’s balance sheet with the reimbursement of shareholder loans, to clear working capital with payment of its short-term debts and to gain additional financial flexibility allowing to invest in growth initiatives.

At the close of the subscription period, which ended on March 28, 2022, the final gross amount of the capital increase (including 765,068.57 euros of nominal value and 11,782,055.98 euros of share premium) amounts to 12,547,124.56 euros and results in the issuance of 76,506,857 new shares of the Company (the "New Shares"), at a unit subscription price of 0.1640 euro.

Total demand amounted to 19,7 million euros:

  • 54,467,838 New Shares were subscribed on an irreducible basis, representing 71.2 % of the new shares to be issued; and

  • demand on a reducible basis amounted to 65,719,365 New Shares and will therefore be partially allocated via the allocation of 22,039,019 New Shares, representing 28.8 % of the New Shares to be issued.

In accordance with its commitment, Irata LLC, the main shareholder of the Company ("Irata") subscribed to the capital increase, in cash and by set-off of receivables, by exercising preferential subscription rights on an irreducible basis for an amount of 2,712,652.8 euros, as well as on a reducible basis for an amount of 2,408,068.6 euros, i.e. for a total amount of 5,120,721.4 euros and a number of 31,223,911 New Shares.

Following the completion of the share capital increase, Irata now holds 21,37% of the share capital of Atari.

The settlement-delivery of the New Shares and their admission to trading on the regulated market of Euronext Paris (Compartment C) will take place on 1st April 2022. The New Shares will carry full rights as of their issuance and will give right, as from their issue, to all distributions decided by the Company as of that date. They will be immediately assimilated to the existing shares of the Company upon issuance and will therefore be traded on the same quotation line as the existing shares of the Company (under ISIN code FR0014008D33). Following the share capital increase, the share capital will amount to 3,825,342.86 euros and will be composed of 382,534,286 shares with a par value of 0.01 euro per share.

Based on the information available to date, the breakdown of Atari's share capital after the completion of the capital increase is detailed in the table below:

ShareholdersNumber of shares% of capital
Irata LLC (1)81,733,16321.37%
Treasury shares00%
Public (2)300,801,12378.63%

(1) Irata LLC is a holding company owned by Wade Rosen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company as of March 30, 2022.


Copies of the Prospectus are available free of charge at the registered office of the Company.

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