Effective transfer of ATARI’s shares to Euronext Growth Paris on June 30, 2022

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Effective transfer of ATARI’s shares to Euronext Growth Paris on June 30, 2022

Effective transfer of ATARI’s shares to
Euronext Growth Paris on June 30, 2022

Paris, June 24th, 2022 at 6:00pm CET. Following the approval of its admission’s application by the Euronext Admissions Committee, Atari announces that the transfer of its shares to Euronext Growth Paris market will take place on June 30th, 2022.

This transfer will enable Atari to be admitted for trading on a market that is more adapted to the Company’s current market status, with simplified listing requirements and lighter reporting obligations than for the regulated market. Atari believes that the Euronext Growth Market will allow it to further focus its resources on the core business of the Company while remaining compliant with the listing in a major market in France.

The transfer project approved by ATARI’s Ordinary General Meeting (Euronext Paris, ISIN: FR0010478248 ATA) has been held April 20th 2022, and implemented by the Board of Directors on the same day. The listing of the securities on Euronext Growth Paris will be carried out through an accelerated procedure for the admission to trading of the existing shares of the Company, without issuance of new shares.

Atari will continue to deliver accurate, precise and sincere information, by making public all privileged information concerning the Company, in accordance with the European regulation on market abuse (MAR Regulation). These provisions will also remain fully applicable to Atari, in particular with regard to the declaration of transactions carried out by the directors (and persons related to them) on the shares of the company. Atari plans to maintain its previous practices and therefore continue to prepare its accounts according to IFRS standards.

The Information Document related to this transfer is available on the company's website (https://atari-investors.fr/) in the "Financial publications" section.

Final timeline of the transfer

14-March-2022Approval of Board of Directors to validate the principle of the transfer

16-March-2022Press release providing details on the reasons, terms and conditions consequences of the proposed transfer to Euronext Growth

20-April-2022Shareholders’ Meeting to approve Euronext Growth transfer

Board of Directors meeting to implement the transfer

Press release relating to the transfer

24-June-2022Notification by Euronext of the decision to admit the securities on Euronext Growth.

24-June-2022Distribution of this press release by the Company and online publication of the information document.

27-June-2022Distribution of a Euronext notice announcing the delisting of the ordinary shares of Atari on Euronext Paris.

Distribution of a Euronext notice announcing the listing of ordinary shares of Atari on Euronext Growth Paris.

30-June-2022Delisting of shares from Euronext Paris and listing on Euronext Growth Paris

Atari’s ISIN identification code remains the same (FR0010478248) and its mnemonic code becomes ALATA.

As part of this transfer to Euronext Growth Paris, Atari will be accompanied by EuroLand Corporate as Listing Sponsor.

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