DWS Remains Constructive on U.S. Real Estate

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  • Firm releases 2019 strategic market outlook report for U.S. real estate
  • Report examines various factors creating headwinds and tailwinds across sectors

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 25, 2019-- DWS Group today released its U.S. Real Estate Strategic Outlook for 2019. In the report, DWS notes that continued economic growth and a moderate pipeline of new supply will be key drivers of the market in the short term. Rising interest rates and a flattening yield curve make the medium-term outlook more uncertain.

“The underlying fundamentals of the real estate market remain healthy. Therefore, our view is it is too early to batten down the hatches, shunning growth oriented sectors, markets, and assets that can thrive amid strong fundamentals,” said Todd Henderson, Head of Real Estate for the Americas at DWS. “However, we acknowledge we are late in the economic cycle and are managing risk across the portfolio accordingly.”

The report also includes a breakdown of DWS’s sector allocation, as well as various factors impacting the outlook and strategy on each, such as:

  • Industrials (Overweight): Market fundamentals in the U.S. are expected to remain strong for the next two years due to several factors including low current vacancy rates, a disciplined construction pipeline and the proliferation of e-commerce.
  • Apartments (Market-weight): Favorable macro trends should sustain healthy renter demand. Combined with the signs that the supply pipeline is abating, the apartment sector should return to positive net operating income growth. It is unlikely that absorption can offset the sizeable pipeline of new supply.
  • Retail (Underweight): Though the sector remains under duress due to the boon in e-commerce, it’s kept a float by strong consumer fundamentals and service-oriented retailing. Going forward however, economic fundamentals that underpin consumer spending may not be as favorable and could put pressure on discretionary spending.
  • Offices (Underweight): Performance is expected to continue with modest growth, though the high cap-ex burden, a trend toward densification, and persistently low cap rates create risk and return imbalances.

“In a mature phase of the cycle, we are adopting sector allocations with a keener eye toward risk. As we continue to monitor various trends and developments impacting the markets, we’re constantly analyzing our exposure to certain sectors to ensure we’re minimizing risks while generating the best returns for investors,” Henderson said.

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