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safe assets
Safe assets are those which are deemed to be relatively low risk while at the same time offering high liquidity, in that there is a ready ...
safe harbour
A provision in a law or regulation that protects companies or individuals acting in good faith from liability in certain situations. A ...
safe haven
A currency, stock or commodity that is favoured by investors in times of crisis because of its stability and/or easy liquidation.
In corporate accounting, the total income received for the sale of goods or services. Also called revenue or turnover.
sales tax
A tax on the sale of goods and services, levied as a fixed percentage of the selling price.
saltwater economics
Saltwater economics colloquially refers to a school of thought which has a more Keynesian approach with overarching macroeconomic analysis, ...
Samurai bond
A yen-denominated bond issued in Japan by a foreign borrower.
sandwich generation
The sandwich generation refers to those facing the dual pressures of looking after their young children and elderly parents. This trend is ...