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Payment for labour. This is also known as salary.
wage drift
The difference in a worker's basic locally-negotiated wage when it exceeds the level stated by nationally negotiated wage agreements. The ...
Wall Street
The street in the lower Manhattan area of New York on which the New York Stock Exchange and many banks and brokerages are located. The term ...
A stock that has received little attention from research analysts. This may be because it is too small or was once a strong performer but ...
war chest
Cash set aside by a company for a specific purpose, for instance to make acquisitions or to fend off hostile takeover bids.
A financial instrument, normally attached to a bond or other security, that entitles the holder to purchase a certain amount of ordinary ...
wash sale
The purchase and sale of the same stock within a very short period of time, a practice sometimes used by traders to artificially boost ...
wash trading
Wash trading occurs when a trader buys and sells the same securities simultaneously. Wash trades benefit brokers who earn commissions from ...