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Yale model
An investment model developed by David Swensen, the chief investment officer at Yale, that relies on modern portfolio theory and invests ...
Yankee bond
A US dollar-denominated bond issued by a foreign borrower in the US.
year-on-year (YOY)
When measuring the difference between performance, prices, quantities or indeed any other value of something, it is common to measure the ...
Yellen Index
In June 2014 it looked as though Federal Reserve chairman, Janet Yellen, would again seek to calm speculation that a rates rise was ...
Generally, the income generated by an asset on an annual basis, expressed as a percentage of the asset's purchase or market price. For stock ...
yield advantage
The additional yield earned by holding a company's convertible securities rather than its common shares.
yield curve
A graphical representation of the relationship between the yields and maturities of different bonds of similar quality, currency ...
yield gap
The difference between the yield on long-term government bonds and the yield on shares (dividend yield) at any given time.
yield spread
The difference in the yields of comparable bonds. One way of gauging the performance of a recently issued bond is to compare its yield to ...
yield to call
Estimate of the yield that would be earned on a callable bond if it were redeemed by the issuer on the next call date. Calculated in a ...