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27 May 2015

  • All Countries.
  • All Industries.
  • Consensus
    Forecast of Buy and Outperform.
    Book Value per Share (MFRY) between -2.45 and 53.29m.
    Revenue Growth
    (5 Year) between 5 and 50.00m.
    Price to Book Value (MRQ) between 0.00 and 8.
    Price to Earnings Ratio between 5 and 17.
    Debt to
    Capital of 0.00 and above.
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$90M+ profit businesses NBCU

27 May 2015

  • Canada, United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.
  • Advertising, Broadcasting & Cable TV, Motion Pictures and Communications Services.
    Margin (TTM) of 8.86 and above.
    Net Profit Margin
    (TTM) of 10.2 and above.
    Revenue of 1.00bn and above.
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27 May 2015

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