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cabinet security
A stock or bond listed on an exchange but not actively traded.
calendar effect
The tendency for certain stocks, or a market as a whole, to perform better or worse at certain times of the year.
call date
See callable bond.
call loan
A bank loan repayable on demand.
call money
Interest-earning money market deposits repayable at very short notice (either on demand, or overnight, or within 24 hours at the most). Also ...
call option
A call option is a derivative that consists of the right, but not the obligation, to buy a certain amount of the underlying ...
call price
Borrowers, such as corporations and governments, like to have the opportunity to repay debt early, so they frequently ...
call rate
The interest rate on call money. A commonly used call rate benchmark is the overnight rate.
callable bond
Also called redeemable bond. A bond that can be redeemed (called) before maturity by its issuer, normally at a premium to its face value. ...
When a company's products or services gains market share at the expense of other products or services that it also offers.