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valoren number
Valoren numbers form a unique coding system for registered securities in Switzerland, Belgium and Liechtenstein. Numbers are assigned by SIX ...
The determination of the value of an asset.
valuation reserve
A provision, charged against earnings, that reflects changes in the value of a company's assets.
What something is worth - financially or otherwise.
value added
In economic theory, the worth added to a product during the production process - i.e. the difference between what the producing company paid ...
Value added tax VAT
VAT is a tax on consumer expenditure and imports into the UK. 'Output' VAT on standard-rated supplies of goods and services is charged at ...
value chain
Value chain refers to all the activities, from receipt of raw materials to post-sales support, that together create and increase the value ...
value investing
A style of investing developed in the early 1930s at Columbia University by Benjamin Graham (financial strategist), who showed an approach ...