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Stankevicius MGM Review: TMV collateral stablecoin

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Stankevicius MGM
23 December 2019

Stankevicius MGM Review: Timvi (TMV) Collateral Algorithmic Stablecoin Full Mode Mainnet Puts Up Stiff Competition Against MakerDAO


The Timvi project has recently launched its proprietary ecosystem following intense beta testing of Ropsten and an in-depth audit. The project will be presenting TBox, TBond, 1 by 1, Leverage, Gate, and other TMV/ETH collateralized financial services.


The Timvi (TMV) secure algorithmic stablecoin project officially announced the full operational mode of its systems on December 4-th, 2019. The launch comes after a 3-month long bug-bounty test period on the open Ropsten network, which was followed by a series of audits conducted by independent third-parties.


The main constituents of the Timvi ecosystem include the following:


-     Stability - 1 TMV always targets the $1 price. The objective price of the token is supported by the algorithms and is not subject to sizable fluctuations.

-     Algorithms - Math algorithms guarantee the stability of the ecosystem and Recap mechanism allows to earn from 1 to 6% of each transaction amount.

-     Personalization - TMV is emitted on user's terms. User can withdraw the deposit anytime.

-     Services - Timvi services ecosystem allows users to earn interest in both TMV and ETH during bull and bear market.


Some of the main services included in the TMV ecosystem are the following:


·    TBox - basic TMV ecosystem entity, an account where users deposit (and withdraw) ETH as a collateral, and emit TMV tokens in return according to the system rules;

·    Leverage - up to 1.9 for receiving funds in ETH secured in the same currency;

·    1by1 - exchange of ETH to TMV at the internal rate of the system;

·    TBond: The possibility of issuing p2p-bonds (TBond) with an annual interest rate of 0% to 25%;

·    Gate - a service for maintaining the liquidity of the TMV token by exchanging it for ETH at the internal rate of the system;

·    TOption - a contract enabling users to sell their assets at a predetermined price, which may differ from the initial market price.

The official launch of the Timvi project has made the services of the ecosystem fully available to the public for use along with TBox, TBond, 1 by 1, Gate and Leverage. The use of services offered by Timvi grants cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders, as well as family offices, investors and funds, the ability to earn interest rates on their assets at any market periods.


Timvi is the edge-of-the-new-generation stablecoin: the developers took into account the problems of existing stablecoins, such as centralization and trust issues, and came up with a security token with a target price set at $1. Each token is super-secured by the ETH-deposits of the ecosystem's participants. Any participant can check the security of any token, while the stability and emission of the tokens is provided by the TMV algorithm. While recapitalization ensures stability of the token, Timvi also provides the tools for the global crypto community, such as TBox, TBond and Leverage - to earn interest during both bull and bear market.


The TBox service is the main instrument that allows the conversion of ETH to TMV. TBox is essentially a specialized blockchain account built into the Timvi ecosystem that allows account owners to withdraw their funds in ETH. The service also grants the account owner the right to transfer it to other users or delete the account. The latter function requires the user to return all previously withdrawn TMV to the account for later burning and release of the ETH located on the account. All exchange operations are carried out at the internal TMV/USD rate set at 1 TMV = $1.


Any drop in the price of ETH results in a decrease of TBox collateral and places on the account owner the obligation to recapitalize their deposit through additional ETH or TMV. In case of insufficient collateral, the TBox is assigned a "toxic" status and can be recapitalized by any other user. All recapitalization procedures are accompanied by the payment of a commission to the user conducting the transfer. The commission is paid in ETH from the deposit contained in the TBox in the amount of 1% to 6% of the recapitalized amount. In case of a decrease in the exchange rate of ETH and a proportional increase in system collateral, the TBox allows its owner to withdraw a greater amount of TMV in dollar equivalent for fixing profits.


The Timvi ecosystem consists of a toolset of financial instruments backed by an algorithmic stablecoin designed for a broad range of market participants, including day-traders, crypto enthusiasts, professional investors, family offices and funds. The ecosystem is a combination of fundamental mathematics and algorithms merged with DeFi and advanced financial services tailored for providing the global crypto community with the instruments necessary for making profits at different market periods through the use of an algorithmically stable, collateralized asset (the Timvi stablecoin).


Stankevicius MGM is not an investment advisor. Before investing consult with a professional investment advisor. This review is done based on business experience.








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