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Result of AGM







Royal Dutch Shell plc announces the poll results on the resolutions at its Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday May 18, 2021 at Carel van Bylandtlaan 16, 2596 HR, The Hague, The Netherlands. Resolutions 1-20 were carried and resolution 21 (Shareholder resolution) was not carried.


In accordance with the Listing Rules, a copy of all resolutions other than resolutions concerning ordinary business at the Annual General Meeting, will be submitted to the National Storage Mechanism and will be available for inspection at:



1Receipt of Annual Report & Accounts 3,605,564,53597.15105,583,2822.853,711,147,81747.53%64,698,144
2Approval of Directors’ Remuneration Report3,567,342,83095.86153,872,6704.143,721,215,50047.66%54,753,918
3Appointment of Jane Holl Lute3,714,614,28798.7846,026,8881.223,760,641,17548.17%15,317,015
4Reappointment of Ben van Beurden3,580,501,16795.27177,668,7964.733,758,169,96348.14%17,805,039
5Reappointment of Dick Boer3,704,197,93798.5056,399,7801.503,760,597,71748.17%15,363,028
6Reappointment of Neil Carson3,677,858,28897.8082,758,2402.203,760,616,52848.17%15,347,277
7Reappointment of Ann Godbehere3,703,566,05498.4857,170,3341.523,760,736,38848.17%15,225,320
8Reappointment of Euleen Goh3,704,748,53898.5155,978,4571.493,760,726,99548.17%15,239,897
9Reappointment of Catherine Hughes 3,708,123,04298.6052,727,6551.403,760,850,69748.17%15,110,251
10Reappointment of Martina Hund-Mejean3,710,108,02998.6650,547,4931.343,760,655,52248.17%15,310,545
11Reappointment of Sir Andrew Mackenzie3,746,019,55899.6214,423,9620.383,760,443,52048.16%15,521,406
12Reappointment of Abraham (Bram) Schot3,746,988,47399.6413,576,0330.363,760,564,50648.17%15,385,034
13Reappointment of Jessica Uhl3,676,744,85997.7783,736,4112.233,760,481,27048.17%15,476,183
14Reappointment of Gerrit Zalm3,626,996,07396.46133,084,0383.543,760,080,11148.16%15,872,497
15Reappointment of Auditors3,703,139,00598.4358,886,1141.573,762,025,11948.19%13,943,185
16Remuneration of Auditors3,752,965,59099.797,781,6040.213,760,747,19448.17%15,219,574
17Authority to allot shares 3,652,922,87197.16106,732,1452.843,759,655,01648.15%16,304,272
18Disapplication of pre-emption rights*3,732,591,01799.3922,896,6650.613,755,487,68248.10%20,473,873
19Authority to purchase own shares*3,653,700,06998.1070,703,3241.903,724,403,39347.70%51,590,866
20Shell’s Energy Transition Strategy3,139,870,45588.74398,536,56811.263,538,407,02345.32%237,591,728
21Shareholder resolution*1,111,147,79930.472,535,689,22969.533,646,837,02846.71%129,156,318


* Special resolution


Please note that a ‘vote withheld’ is not a vote under English Law and is not counted in the calculation of the proportion of the votes ‘for’ and ‘against’ a resolution.


Shell Chief Executive Officer Ben van Beurden said:  “Shareholder support is critical as our business changes and we work towards our target to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society. This shareholder vote on our Energy Transition Strategy is a first for an energy company and we are pleased shareholders demonstrated their strong endorsement with more than 88% of votes cast in favour of our strategy.  We thank shareholders for their support and look forward to our continued engagement with them.  We also note the outcome of the vote on Shareholder Resolution number 21.  We will seek to fully understand the reason why shareholders voted as they did, particularly those who voted both ‘For’ Shell’s strategy and ‘For’ the Shareholder Resolution, and will formally report back to investors within six months".


May 18, 2021


Linda Coulter

Company Secretary

Royal Dutch Shell plc




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