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Umicore - Disposal of own shares

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Umicore - Disposal of own shares

Disposal of own shares

Article 8:6 of the Royal Decree of 29 April 2019, which implements the new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations as of 01/01/2020, stipulates that any disposal of own shares has to be made public.

In application of this Article, Umicore declares that following the exercise of stock options by its employees within the framework of the Umicore Incentive Stock Option Plan, it has since 01/01/2020 disposed of Umicore shares OTC in view of deliveries of these shares to the relevant employees. Umicore also disposed of own shares in the context of share grants to the Management and Supervisory Board.

Please find below the overview of the transactions for the period 15/11/2021 - 19/11/2021:

Date and time of disposal

Incentive Stock Option PlanNumber of disposed sharesExercise price (€)
19/11/2021 9:18ISOP 20163,00016.632

Following the disposal of 3,000 own shares outside the stock exchange, the total number of treasury shares held by Umicore amounts to 5,237,120 (of a total of 246,400,000 shares or 2.13%). Please note that, due to possible delays between exercises of stock options and the settlement of such exercises at bank level, the total number of owns shares mentioned may not include all of the stock option exercises mentioned in the above overview.    

The complete overview of all disposals of own shares by Umicore since 01/01/2020 can be found here.

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