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Heineken Holding N.V. reports 2021 full year results

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Heineken Holding N.V. reports 2021 full year results

Amsterdam, 16 February 2022 – Heineken Holding N.V. (EURONEXT: HEIO; OTCQX: HKHHY) announces:

    Key Highlights  
  • The net result of Heineken Holding N.V.'s participating interest in Heineken N.V. for 2021 amounts to €1.663 million
  • Net revenue (beia) organic growth 12.2%; per hectolitre 8.3%
  • Consolidated beer volume 4.6% organic growth
  • Heineken® volume growth 17.4%, well ahead of 2019
  • Gross savings close to €1.3 billion, on-track to deliver €2 billion by 2023
  • Operating profit (beia) organic growth 43.8%, margin 15.6% (+331 bps)
  • Net profit (beia) €2,041 million, 80.2% organic growth
  • Diluted EPS (beia) €3.54 (2020: €2.00)
    Financial Summary1  

IFRS Measures € million Total
  BEIA Measures € million Organic
Revenue         26,583         11.8%   Revenue (beia)         26,583         11.4%
Net revenue         21,941         11.3%   Net revenue (beia)         21,901         12.2%
Operating profit         4,483         476.2%   Operating profit (beia)         3,414         43.8%
        Operating profit (beia) margin (%)         15.6%  
Net profit of
Heineken Holding N.V.
        1,663     Net profit (beia)         2,041         80.2%
Diluted EPS (in €)         5.77     Diluted EPS (beia) (in €)         3.54         76.8%
        Free operating cash flow         2,514  
        Net debt / EBITDA (beia)3 2.6x  

1 Consolidated figures are used throughout this report, unless otherwise stated. Please refer to the Glossary for an explanation of non-GAAP measures and other terms. Page 13 includes a reconciliation versus IFRS metrics. These non-GAAP measures are included in internal management reports that are reviewed by the Executive Board of Heineken N.V., as they believe that this measurement is the most relevant in evaluating the results.
2 Organic growth shown, except for Diluted EPS (beia), which is total growth.
3 Includes acquisitions and excludes disposals on a 12-month pro-forma basis

Heineken Holding N.V. engages in no activities other than its participating interest in Heineken N.V. and the management or supervision of and provision of services to that company.

During 2021, HEINEKEN deployed its EverGreen strategy across the business, designed to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis and adapt to new external dynamics for superior and balanced growth with enhanced profitability, whilst simultaneously raising the bar on sustainability and responsibility.  

HEINEKEN's superior growth ambition is grounded in building a favourable geographic footprint, its strong premium beer brands, including non-alcoholic variants and developing winning beverage propositions in fast-growing segments.

Net revenue (beia) for the full year 2021 increased by 12.2% organically, with total consolidated volume growing by 3.6% and net revenue (beia) per hectolitre up 8.3%. The underlying price-mix on a constant geographic basis was up 7.1%, driven by assertive pricing and premiumisation, with the regions Americas and Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe (AMEE) growing double-digits. Currency translation negatively impacted net revenue (beia) by €515 million or 2.6%, mainly driven by the Brazilian Real and the Nigerian Naira. The consolidation of United Breweries Limited (UBL) in India positively impacted net revenue (beia) by €280 million or 1.4%.

In the second half of the year, net revenue (beia) grew 10.6% organically. HEINEKEN took further pricing actions and accelerated net revenue (beia) per hectolitre growth to 11.0%. Underlying price-mix in the second half was up 8.8% primarily driven by Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico and Europe, the latter benefiting from an improved channel mix. Total consolidated volume declined slightly by 0.3%, mainly impacted by the restrictions in the Asia Pacific region.

Beer volume grew 4.6% organically for the full year. In the fourth quarter, beer volume grew 6.2%, benefiting from fewer restrictions in Europe relative to last year, continued momentum in the Americas and AMEE, and a sequential recovery in Asia Pacific (APAC) relative to the third quarter.

Beer volume1   4Q21     


(in mhl)            
Heineken N.V.           61.1           56.2           6.2%           231.2           221.6           4.6%

1 2021 volume reflects the shift of malt-based, unfermented, non-alcoholic drinks from Beer to Non-Beer Volume. Organic growth has been corrected.

Premium beer volume grew 10.0%, outperforming the portfolio in the majority of HEINEKEN's markets, and accounts for more than 60% of the total organic growth in beer volume in 2021. HEINEKEN's growth in premium is led by Heineken®, up 17.4%, significantly outperforming the total beer market and well ahead of 2019. The growth was broad-based with more than 60 markets growing double-digits in 2021.

The outstanding growth of Heineken® Original was further supported by the strong performance of its line extensions. Heineken® Silver more than doubled its volume, driven by excellent performances in China and Vietnam. Building on this success, HEINEKEN will roll-out Heineken® Silver internationally to reach more than 20 markets in 2022.

Heineken® volume   4Q21    Organic
  FY21    Organic
(in mhl)        
Total Heineken N.V.           13.3           24.1%           48.8           17.4%

    Outlook Statements  

HEINEKEN launched its EverGreen strategy in February 2021 to future-proof its business and deliver superior, balanced growth for sustainable, long-term value creation. It requires HEINEKEN to constantly navigate the long-term transformation with the short-term financial delivery under fast-changing external circumstances. HEINEKEN is encouraged by the progress made, witnessed by the strong performance of its business in 2021 and how EverGreen is taking shape.

In 2022, HEINEKEN will continue to navigate an uncertain environment and expect COVID-19 to still have an impact on revenues. HEINEKEN's plans assume markets in APAC to progressively bounce back during the year, yet full recovery of the on-trade in Europe may take longer.

HEINEKEN also expects to be significantly impacted by inflation and supply chain resilience pressures. More specifically, HEINEKEN expects its input cost per hectolitre (beia) to increase in the mid-teens, given its hedged positions and the sharp increase in the prices of commodities, energy and freight. HEINEKEN will offset these input cost increases through pricing in absolute terms, which may lead to softer beer consumption.

Reflecting HEINEKEN's confidence in the long-term, it intends to reverse the cost mitigation actions undertaken in 2021 and to further step up its investments in brand support and its digital and sustainability initiatives. This investment will be partially offset by further delivery of gross savings from our productivity programme. These changes are expected to have a greater impact in the first half of the year.

Overall, HEINEKEN expects a stable to modest sequential improvement in operating profit margin (beia) in 2022. Whilst continuing to target 17% operating margin (beia) in 2023 and operating leverage beyond, there is increased uncertainty given current and evolving economic and input cost circumstances. Therefore, HEINEKEN will update the 2023 guidance later in the year.

HEINEKEN also anticipates:

  • An average effective interest rate (beia) broadly in line with 2021 (2021: 2.7%)
  • Capital expenditure related to property, plant and equipment and intangible assets of around €2 billion (2021: €1.6 billion)
  • An effective tax rate (beia) of around 28% (2021: 29.9%), back to the level of 2019
    Total Dividend For 2021  

The Heineken N.V. dividend policy is to pay a ratio of 30% to 40% of full year net profit (beia). For 2021, a total cash dividend of €1.24 per share, representing an increase of 77.1% (2020: €0.70), and a payout ratio of 35.0%, in the middle of the range of the policy, will be proposed to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Heineken N.V. on 21 April 2022 ("2022 AGM"). If approved, a final dividend of €0.96 per share will be paid on 3 May 2022, as an interim dividend of €0.28 per share was paid on 11 August 2021.

If Heineken N.V. shareholders approve the proposed dividend, Heineken Holding N.V. will, according to its Articles of Association, pay an identical dividend per share. A final dividend of €0.96 per share of €1.60 nominal value will be payable as of 3 May 2022.

Both the Heineken Holding N.V. shares and the Heineken N.V. shares will trade ex-dividend on 25 April 2022. The dividend payment will be subject to a 15% Dutch withholding tax.

    Translational Calculated Currency Impact  

The translational currency impact for 2021 was negative, amounting to €515 million on net revenue (beia), €98 million at operating profit (beia) and €43 million at net profit (beia).

Applying spot rates as of 14 February 2022 to the 2021 financial results as a base, the calculated currency translational impact would be positive, approximately €465 million in net revenue (beia), €65 million at operating profit (beia), and €45 million at net profit (beia).

    Board of Directors Composition  

Mr J.A. Fernández Carbajal will have completed his four-year appointment term upon conclusion of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Heineken Holding N.V. on 21 April 2022 ('2022 AGM'). A non-binding nomination for the reappointment of Mr Fernández Carbajal shall be submitted to the 2022 AGM. He is a representative of FEMSA (that (in)directly holds a 14.76% economic interest in the HEINEKEN group), and his (re)appointment is based on the Corporate Governance Agreement, which was concluded between (among others) the Company and FEMSA on 30 April 2010 and which was approved by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 22 April 2010 (in connection with the acquisition by Heineken N.V. of FEMSA’s beer activities). Mr Fernández Carbajal has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2010. The proposed reappointment is a deviation of the maximum number of terms for reappointment set out in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, but is in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company.

Mrs A.M. Fentener van Vlissingen and Mrs L.L.H. Brassey will have completed their four-year appointment term upon conclusion of the 2022 AGM. Mrs A.M. Fentener van Vlissingen and Mrs L.L.H. Brassey are eligible for reappointment as non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Heineken Holding N.V. for a period of four years and a non-binding recommendation shall be submitted to the 2022 AGM in this respect.

A non-binding recommendation, drawn up by the Board of Directors, will be submitted to the 2022 AGM to appoint Mr C.A.G. de Carvalho as non-executive member of the Board of Directors, for the maximum period of four years (i.e. until the end of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be held in 2026). The proposed appointment of Mr C.A.G. de Carvalho, the youngest son of Mrs C.L. de Carvalho-Heineken, would continue the tradition of personal involvement in HEINEKEN by successive generations of the Heineken family. Mr C.A.G. de Carvalho (1991) is a national of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. After graduating from Princeton University, Mr C.A.G. de Carvalho lived and worked in Asia. He worked in e-commerce for Lazada Group and gained experience with the beer sector while working for Schmatz Beer Dining, a German restaurant chain and beer brand. Mr C.A.G. de Carvalho is currently completing his Master of Business Administration at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.



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