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Netcompany - Major shareholder announcement

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Netcompany - Major shareholder announcement

Company announcement
No. 33/2022

                                                                                                              15 November 2022

Major shareholder announcement

Netcompany Group A/S (the "Company" or "Netcompany") hereby announces the following notification received pursuant to section 38 of the Danish Capital Markets Act from Danske Bank A/S, regarding their direct and indirect holdings and voting rights in Netcompany.

Danske Bank A/S has today informed the Company, that Danske Bank A/S directly and indirectly via Danica Pension Livsforsikringsaktieselskab in aggregate holds 1,765,073 shares, each with a nominal value of DKK1 corresponding to 3.53% of the total share capital and directly and indirectly via Danica Pension Livsforsikringsaktieselskab, Investeringsforeningen DI, Investeringsforeningen DI Select, Kapitalforeningen DI Institutional and Sicav Capital LUX controls 2,501,646 voting rights corresponding to 5.00% of the total voting rights in the Company. Their direct and indirect voting rights at the previous announcement was 4.99%.

For further information, please see the attached notification form.

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