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The Graduate’s Bucket List Helps Students Navigate the Path to Adulthood with Important Life Lessons

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 2019-- You’re graduating. Now what? The Graduate’s Bucket List, written by entrepreneurial business professional and Kaplan Test Prep teacher Julia Taylor, presents 33 practical ideas to help you get a head start on making the most out of this next exciting chapter in your life.

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The Graduate's Bucket List, written by Julia Taylor, presents practical ideas to help you get a head ...

The Graduate's Bucket List, written by Julia Taylor, presents practical ideas to help you get a head start on making the most out of this next exciting chapter in your life. (Photo: Business Wire)

Whatever graduates are planning to do -- whether it’s entering college, attending graduate school, going to work, or some other path -- there are a number of experiences that they should consider tackling as part of their personal growth and evolution into adulthood. A great gift for members of the Class of 2019 and beyond, The Graduate’s Bucket List serves as a practical starting point to help students take steps to build a life of personal accomplishment, and navigate through life’s various challenges.

“The exercises in this book are meant to inspire ideas about the experiences that make life fulfilling. Many of these items are things you may have thought about but never tried. Each chapter includes the impact each item can have on your life, practical tips for getting started, and some things to consider as you incorporate it into your own bucket list,” says Taylor.

Among the exercises Taylor suggests for recent graduates:

  1. Learn to Solve a Rubik’s Cube: This is more than just a conversation starter or an interesting party trick. In this chapter, you’ll learn some surprising benefits that come from learning to solve one of the world’s most famous puzzles.
  2. Get Published: Seeing your work in print is a powerful feeling. In this chapter, you’ll learn why writing can add to your sense of fulfillment and how to get started in today’s digital publishing environment.
  3. Complete a One-Year Pyramid Save: Saving money is important, but it’s not always fun. In this chapter, you’ll learn five simple ways to break up the monotony of building your savings and challenge yourself with this long-term goal.

“This list was compiled from my own experiences and those of friends, family, and mentors. While some of these items may speak to you more than others, I encourage you to review them all and spend some time considering how they might impact your life. If you’ve already accomplished some of these items, use the inspiration in this book to develop your own ideas,” added Taylor.

The book is priced at $14.99 and available for purchase on Amazon. An e-version will soon be available for $7.99.

Taylor, a native of the Midwest who now lives in Nashville, has been a Kaplan Test Prep instructor for nearly five years. She not only has years of experience teaching in a classroom, but she also educates those who have a passion for learning about business, writing and professional development. Three of her best students are her teenage children, who also provide their own daily insights on today’s changing world.

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