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Celanese Delivers Broadest Engineered Materials Portfolio to Support Automakers’ Targets

Polymers from Celanese enable automakers to create solutions for emerging EV, autonomous driving and flexibility-in-interior design platforms

DALLAS & DÜSSELDORF, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 16, 2019-- With electric and hybrid vehicles gaining consumer attention and momentum, auto manufacturers are challenged to attract buyers using better systems and designs. Partnering with a global materials supplier with the technical and application expertise is critical for the development of these mobility, EV and hybrid auto platforms.

Celanese (NYSE:CE), a global chemical and specialty materials company, is able to provide the broadest portfolio of polymers that help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) secure a competitive edge with more efficient, automated, lightweight, and better-designed vehicles.

“The transition to emission-free mobility is gaining attention from both consumers and legislators. Automakers’ answer to regulators, investors and drivers who collectively seek improving energy efficiency, automation, design and performance – all while keeping costs down – will be critical to their success of attracting global car buyers. Celanese, having the broadest portfolio in the industry, provides solutions independent of product,” said Stefan Kutta, Vice President of EMEA Commercial Operations, Celanese.

Automotive OEMs, tier suppliers and molders worldwide use Celanese polymers as effective and sustainable materials of choice for a variety of under-the-hood, interior and exterior parts. These OEMs are seeking an engineered materials partner who can achieve four key manufacturing strategies:

  • Solutions for Electric Vehicles (EV): Efficient energy consumption is critical to emerging EV platforms. From improving battery performance, to light-weighting battery housings, to thermal management, Celanese provides high performance polymers to enable electrification of the automotive powertrain and provide higher energy output, but also production efficiency even in smaller electric engines that allow manufacturers to increase the range of an electric vehicle and to reduce cost and weight.
  • Solutions for Passive Automation Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): With increasing automation level in vehicles, new systems like cameras, radar, LIDAR (light detection and ranging), and high speed data connection systems come into play which places extreme requirements on polymer materials. Celanese offers precision fit and low CLTE materials for key technologies which meet demanding requirements like high dimension stability, chemical resistance, specific di-electric properties, as well as flame retardancy and low emissions for reliable connectivity solutions.
  • Solutions for Driver Experience and Flexibility of Interior Design: As vehicles see increasing and more severe usage of interior control and communication systems due to autonomous driving and ridesharing, automakers require durable surface materials at lower cost while not sacrificing appearance and quality. Celanese MetaLX® mold-in-color polymers offer designers and engineers high gloss and matte finishes, UV resistance, and scratch and mar protection. Celanese also offers polymers which reduce interior cabin noise and weight for an experience friendly to occupants and beneficial to fuel economy, with solutions ranging from low-friction modified copolymers, composite materials for metal replacement, and high-flow elastomers for complex liners and seals.
  • Solutions for recycled demands: In addition to the ongoing trend for light-weighting solutions with the shift from metal to plastic, there is the need to meet OEM’s recyclability goals with the demand for polymer solutions to replace prime material with eco-friendly recycled grades. Celanese’s new polyamide solutions provide an excellent balance of strength, ductility, temperature stability and a wide processing window. Additionally, Celanese boasts a specialized manufacturing process which utilizes high quality recycled PA feedstock to deliver excellent lot-to-lot consistency.

“We’re our auto customers’ first choice solution source for engineered materials because we fulfill their immediate needs to improve their environmental profile while meeting demanding applications requirements,” concluded Kutta. “Experience across automotive systems and polymer profiles enables Celanese to partner with customers to ‘rethink’ how to design critical, complex systems with chemical resistant, dimensionally stable and sustainable solutions.”

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