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Duality Technologies Announces Advisory Board

NEWARK, N.J., Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Duality Technologies, a leading provider of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs) enabling privacy-preserving data sharing and collaboration, today announced the formation of its advisory board which is comprised of industry leaders and scientific experts in fields such as financial services, regulatory policy and compliance, machine learning, ethics, anti-financial crime and enterprise software and healthcare AI. The advisory board will help drive Duality's mission: enabling privacy-enhanced collaborations on sensitive data.

PETs are an essential tool in harnessing and increasing the value of sensitive data while enabling data users to remain compliant with diverse data-privacy legislation worldwide. Duality's products, based on Homomorphic Encryption (HE), enable multiple parties to perform privacy-preserving analysis of data with a wide range of practical applications, such as banks and law enforcement agencies seeking to join forces in their fight against financial crime across institutions and jurisdictions, and medical researchers aiming to pool clinical and genomic data in order to yield new conclusions regarding correlations between genomic characteristics of patients and susceptibility to certain diseases.

Homomorphic Encryption makes these crucial outcomes attainable without compromising the confidentiality of burgeoning amounts of sensitive information, which remain encrypted throughout the analytics process. In addition, Duality's SecurePlusTM suite of products enables the protection of machine learning models during computation, addressing the growing need of AI and analytics companies to protect and monetize their valuable intellectual property.

"Duality Technologies is at the forefront of facilitating responsible data sharing and analysis, which are key to navigating the era of Big Data," said Shafi Goldwasser, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Duality Technologies and Chair of Duality's advisory board. "Digital services constantly amass sensitive data such as PII, location data, financial data, biometric data, genomic data, health data and more. Today, people and enterprises are looking for ways to utilize this data while preserving privacy. I am excited to welcome this distinguished group of industry and academic leaders to our advisory board as we continue to develop and productize technological solutions for the most pressing problems of the data-driven world." 

Members of Duality's A dvisory B oard

●  Joe Friscia, Former President and CEO of Nice Actimize, the leading provider of Financial Crime Management solutions, Friscia has over 25 years of experience in fostering the growth and development of leading companies in the fields of  regulatory compliance, enterprise software and financial crime prevention. He was previously President of BAE Systems' Applied Intelligence Americas, General Manager and Executive Vice President of the Americas at Norkom Technologies, and member of the executive team at leading business process management software company Pegasystems Inc., when it went public.

●  George Kadifa, enterprise software senior executive, growth capital investor, and advisor to senior executives at Fortune 500 companies. Kadifa has extensive executive experience at leading software companies, having served as Executive Vice President and a member of the Executive Committee at HP, where he led the company's $4-billion software business, Vice President, Global Delivery  at IBM and Senior Vice President, Industrial Sector at Oracle. Kadifa was the founder of Corio Corporation and led the company's growth from inception to IPO.

●  Daniel J. Weitzner, Founding Director of the MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative, and 3Com Founders Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). He is founder of the Center for Democracy and Technology, led the World Wide Web Consortium's public policy activities, and was Deputy Policy Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Weitzner has been  a leader in Internet public policy since the field's inception. Focusing on privacy, his research pioneered the development of Accountable Systems to enable computational treatment of legal rules. He was the first to advocate user control technologies such as content filtering to protect children. Weitzner served as the United States Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Internet Policy in the White House under the Obama administration, where he led initiatives on privacy, cybersecurity, copyrights, and digital trade policies promoting the free flow of information. He was responsible for the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights and the OECD Internet Policy Making Principles.

●  Michael Jordan, Pehong Chen Distinguished Professor of Statistics and EECs at the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in machine learning, statistics, and artificial intelligence. In 2016, he was named the most influential author in computer science by Science Magazine, based on rankings from the Semantic Scholar search engine. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. His research in machine learning has forged new connections with a wide range of fields, including distributed systems, optimization theory, probability theory, and information theory.

●  Suchi Saria, John C. Malone Associate Professor of Computer Science, Statistics and Public Health at Johns Hopkins University and the Founder and CEO of Bayesian Health. Saria's work has pioneered the use of statistical machine learning to design novel software-based diagnostic and treatment planning tools across a number of challenging disease areas in healthcare. Among Saria's honors include being named National Academy of Medicine Emerging Leader in Health and Medicine, a Sloan Research Fellow, and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2018.

About Duality Technologies

Founded by world-renowned data scientists and cryptographers, Duality Technologies is at the forefront of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), setting a new standard for privacy-preserving data collaborations. Duality SecurePlus™, a leading PET platform, uniquely combines advanced Homomorphic Encryption and data science, enabling organizations to derive insights without exposing their sensitive data. Duality's products are used by companies across regulated industries including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications and more. Duality was recently listed on Fast Company's 2020 Most Innovative Companies List in the Data Science category. Duality has also been recognized as a Gartner "Cool Vendor" for Privacy Preservation in Analytics. For more information, please visit

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