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"Ping An Good Doctor" APP Officially Gets Renamed "Ping An Health" to Focus on Medical + Healthcare

HONG KONG, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited (stock code: 1833.HK), a leading internet healthcare services platform in China, announced that, in line with the Company's comprehensive strategic upgrade, the "Ping An Good Doctor" APP was officially renamed as "Ping An Health".

The change of name is a direct manifestation of the Company's strategic upgrade, and embodies the Company's vision of bringing health and wellness to every citizen in China. Striving to be a trusted health guardian of the citizens, "Ping An Health" is committed to providing every family with a family doctor, creating an e-health profile for everyone, and setting up a health management plan for everyone.

Strategic Upgrade Focusing on Medical + Healthcare, With a New Name and Health Mission

The renaming of the APP from "Ping An Good Doctor" to "Ping An Health" embodies four tiers of meaning. First of all, as China promotes the transformation from the concept of "treatment-centred" to "people's health-centred", health has become the key theme for future medical development. Driven by industry policies, the demands for medical and healthcare of 1.4 billion people in China have been rapidly activated.

Secondly, the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has given rise to the recognition of the vulnerability of lives and the importance of health. Health and wellness have become the highest priority of, and the most sought-after by, general public in China. From "Ping An Good Doctor" to "Ping An Health", health has always been the core mission of the platform.

Thirdly, leveraging on national policies and core competitiveness of the Company, the Company launched a comprehensive strategic upgrade with focus on channels, services and capabilities. From "Ping An Good Doctor" to "Ping An Health" is a direct manifestation of the Company's strategic upgrade and represents the Company's initiative to cover not only medical service but also healthcare service. The brand-new APP is committed to providing users with comprehensive solutions covering medical and healthcare services as well as treatment and prevention of diseases, building a full cycle of health management services covering prevention, treatment and recovery.

The Flagship of Ping An Healthcare Ecosystem Accelerates Co-development of Ecosystem

Last but not least, the renaming of the APP from "Ping An Good Doctor" to "Ping An Health" aims to strengthen the synergy of the Company with the healthcare ecosystem of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, and its subsidiaries (the "Ping An healthcare ecosystem"). As a leading Internet healthcare service platform in China, the Company covers the users and online medical service of the Ping An healthcare ecosystem and is an important flagship of the Ping An healthcare ecosystem. In the future, under the guidance of national strategies, the Company will be committed to provide high-quality medical and healthcare service in China. At the same time, the Company will continue to leverage its strategic synergy with the Ping An healthcare ecosystem and fortify the competitive edges of its medical technology, creating strong momentum for the ecosystem construction and sustainable development of the Company.

Mr. Fang Weihao, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Company, said that while adhering in the future to the mission of bridging professional communication between doctors and patients and aiming at trust, professionalism and convenience, the Company will strive to become the largest Internet healthcare service platform in China with the most pioneering model and strongest competitive edges, kick-starting the second wave of developments of the Company and leaping from the 1.0 era into the 2.0 era.

Since the official release of the APP in 2015, the "Ping An Health" APP has accumulated 346 million registered users and over 67 million monthly active users, making it the number one mobile healthcare app in terms of coverage in China.

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