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ASHTEAD GROUP PLC - Director/PDMR Shareholding

Ashtead Group plc

7 July 2021


Director / PDMR Shareholding

Ashtead Group plc (the “Company”) announces that on 6 July 2021 it made the annual awards for 2021 to senior executives under its Performance Share Plan (“PSP”).

Awards under the PSP comprise the conditional right to receive ordinary shares of 10p each.  Vesting of awards is subject to continued employment and the achievement of challenging performance targets set by the Remuneration Committee. The Company intends to utilise shares held by the Group’s Employee Share Ownership Trust to fulfil any obligations to award shares to employees, which may arise.

For awards made in 2017 and thereafter, executive directors, who were directors at time the awards were made are required to hold any vested shares, after selling sufficient shares to fund their tax liability, for a further two years from the date of vesting.

The following awards were made to the executive directors:

Director       Number of ordinary 10p shares covered by the award

Brendan Horgan 34,435

Michael Pratt  20,679

The exercise price for the above awards is GBP1 for all ordinary shares to which the award relates. No consideration was paid for the grant of any of these awards.

The Company further announces that 94.7% of the PSP awards made to its executive directors in July 2018 vested on 6 July 2021.

As a result of the vesting of the 2018 awards the directors received the following number of ordinary 10p shares:

Director       Number of ordinary 10p shares received

Brendan Horgan 63,261

Michael Pratt  28,347

On 6 July Brendan Horgan sold 57,199 ordinary 10p shares at 54.47p per share to fund the tax payable on the vesting of the 2018 PSP award and for other tax planning purposes and Michael Pratt sold 13,323 ordinary 10p shares at 54.16p per share to fund the tax payable on the vesting of 2018 PSP award.

The directors’ total shareholdings are:

Director       Number of ordinary 10p Percentage of base Percentage of issued
               shares                 salary *           share capital**

Brendan Horgan 440,000                3,194              0.10

Michael Pratt  298,691                2,889              0.07

* The percentage of base salary is based on the sterling / dollar exchange rate and share price as at 6 July 2021.

** Excluding treasury shares.


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