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Toray and Bell Collaborate on New NCAMP Design Allowable Dataset for 3960 Prepreg System

TACOMA, Wash. , May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Toray Composite Materials America, Inc., the leading manufacturer of advanced carbon fiber and composite prepreg materials, is proud to announce it has entered into a collaborative arrangement with Bell Textron Inc. to support a new National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP) design allowable dataset for Toray's3960 prepreg material system. This prepreg system utilizes Toray's T1100 intermediate modulus plus (IM+) fibers, providing high toughness and exceptional tensile performance ideal for aerospace applications.

Toray Composite Materials America and Bell Textron Collaborate on New NCAMP Database for 3960 Prepreg System 

In 2016, Toray and Bell began efforts to refine the performance of the 3960 prepreg material to meet Bell's design requirements for high performance and low-risk airframe solutions for efforts such as the United States Army's Future Vertical Lift (FVL) programs. In 2019, Toray began producing allowable design data for this material with guidance from the National Institute for Aviation Research's (NIAR) NCAMP engineering team. This comprehensive plan establishes conformity requirements and process specifications for traditional hand lay-up and automated fiber placement manufacturing processes for the 3960 prepreg system. The data will serve as a foundation for certification, allowing aerospace companies to achieve airworthiness approvals and bring products to market faster and at a lower cost.

"Toray's T1100/3960 composite material offers the right balance of characteristics that enable Bell engineers to design the most efficient and reliable structures that meet our customer's mission requirements including revolutionary speed, range, and agility. We, together with our partners, continue to optimize airframe performance attributes by building full-scale risk reduction and validation articles with Toray's 3960 prepreg system," according to Bell's Vince D'Arienzo, Technical Fellow.

"Toray is excited to work with Bell in the ongoing development of 3960 prepreg system for structural airframe applications. Our materials facilitate transformational performance improvements with efficient technologies while meeting program affordability targets," said Jeff Cross, Toray Director of Business Development. "We also remain committed to providing a full range of products with publicly available design data for the design and certification of aerospace and defense applications."

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