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MONDI PLC - Holding(s) in Company

Mondi plc

(Incorporated in England and Wales)

(Registered number: 6209386)

LEI: 213800LOZA69QFDC9N34

LSE share code: MNDI       ISIN: GB00B1CRLC47

JSE share code: MNP

21 June 2022

Notification of Major Interests in Shares

1. Issuer Details:


Issuer Name: Mondi plc

UK or Non-UK Issuer: UK

2.   Reason for notification:

An acquisition or disposal of voting rights

3.   Details of person subject to the notification obligation:

Name: Public Investment Corporation Soc Limited

City of registered office: Pretoria

Country of registered office: South Africa

4.   Details of the shareholder:

Full name of shareholder(s) if different from the persons(s) subject to the notification obligation, above: N/A

City of registered office: N/A

Country of registered office: N/A

5.   Date on which the threshold was crossed or reached:

21 June 2022

6.   Date on which Issuer notified:

21 June 2022

7.  Total positions of person(s) subject to the notification obligation:

                  % of voting     % of voting   Total of both in Total number of
                rights attached rights through   % (8.A + 8.B)   voting rights
                  to shares        financial                     held in issuer
                (total of 8. A)  instruments
                                (total of 8.B 1
                                   + 8.B 2)

situation on    7.012           N/A             7.012            34,046,288
the date on
which threshold
was crossed or

Position of
previous        6.042           N/A             6.042            N/A
(if applicable)

8.  Notified details of the resulting situation on the date which the threshold was crossed or reached:

A:  Voting rights attached to shares

Class/type of shares    No. of voting rights  % of voting rights
ISIN code (if possible)
                        Direct     Indirect   Direct   Indirect
                        (DTR5.1)   (DTR5.2.1) (DTR5.1) (DTR5.2.1)

GB00B1CRLC47            34,046,288 N/A        7.012    N/A

Subtotal 8.A            34,046,288            7.012

B1:  Financial Instruments according to (DTR5.3.1.1 (a))

Type of    Expiration date Exercise/         Number of voting  % of voting
financial                  Conversion Period rights that may   rights
instrument                                   be acquired if
                                             the instrument is

N/A        N/A             N/A               N/A               N/A

                           Subtotal 8.B 1

B2:  Financial Instruments with similar economic effect according to (DTR5.3.1R.(1) (b))

Type of    Expiration date Exercise/  Physical or     Number of     % of voting
financial                  Conversion cash settlement voting rights rights
instrument                 Period

N/A        N/A             N/A        N/A             N/A           N/A

                                      Subtotal 8.B 2

9.   Information in relation to the person subject to the notification obligation:

2. Full chain of controlled undertakings through which the voting rights and/or the financial instruments are effectively held starting with the ultimate controlling natural person or legal entities (please add additional rows as necessary)

Name              % of voting rights if  % of voting rights  Total of both if it
                  it equals or is higher through financial   equals or is higher
                  than the notifiable    instruments if it   than the notifiable
                  threshold              equals or is higher threshold
                                         than the notifiable

Public Investment 7.012                                      7.012
Corporation Soc

10.  In case of proxy voting:

Name of the proxy holder: N/A

The number and % of voting rights held: N/A

The date until which the voting rights will be held: N/A

11.  Additional information: N/A

12.  Date of completion:

21 June 2022

13.  Place of completion:

Pretoria, South Africa

Sponsor in South Africa: Merrill Lynch South Africa (Pty) Ltd t/s BofA Securities