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Revolent Partners With Microsoft to Close the Tech Skills Gaps and Diversify the Sector

Now officially a Microsoft Learning Partner, Revolent has launched a new suite of Microsoft Cloud cross-training programs to help close the skills gap for Microsoft Partners who utilize Microsoft Cloud products, while bringing diverse net-new talent into the ecosystem.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 22, 2022-- Revolent has announced its new collaboration with Microsoft to deliver a new range of Microsoft cross-training programs, as an official Microsoft Learning Partner.

These new pathways, which cover core Microsoft products—such as Azure, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform—will help create a new generation of deployment-ready Microsoft professionals for Microsoft Partners around the world who are looking to build their cloud talent pipelines.

Beyond closing the skills gap, Revolent’s cross-training programs will make careers in the cloud more accessible to people from diverse backgrounds and give experienced IT professionals the opportunity to learn an in-demand technology to upskill and start an exciting new career path.

To support the launch of its Microsoft cloud career programs, Revolent has made several strategic hires across all departments, with the aim to reach IT professionals from diverse backgrounds and make them aware of the opportunities available to them in the Microsoft Cloud.

"Our training pathways, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, address the key talent challenges across Azure, Business Applications, Power Platform, and Modern Workplace," says Nabila Salem, President of Revolent. “Combined with our highly-agile model of cross-training experienced tech professionals from a wide range of backgrounds into these in-demand technologies, we can begin to offset the current talent shortages, while also creating future-proofed pipelines of Microsoft talent who can bring in fresh perspectives and drive innovation, which Microsoft Partners need to meet their business goals today and in the future.”

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing organizations to undergo years of digital transformation in a matter of months, leading to nearly 60% of all migrations to Azure and Microsoft 365 happening in the last year, Revolent’s new training programs have arrived at a crucial time. One where traditional approaches to recruiting cloud professionals are proving to be more expensive—and less effective—than ever.

“Our work with Revolent helps close the technology skills gaps and fuels the global ecosystem with new and diverse talent skilled on Microsoft technologies.” says Geoff Hirsch, Senior Director, Partner Channel Lead, Microsoft Learning. “We look forward to working with Revolent to help our customers and partners realize the full potential of Microsoft products and achieve their goals.”

“It has been a true pleasure to work with Microsoft to create a training program that gives individuals the chance to start an exciting new career, while also mitigating skills gaps and lack of diversity in the ecosystem at large. By becoming a Microsoft Learning Partner, Revolent is one step closer on a journey towards cross-training thousands of new tech professionals every year, while diversifying the ecosystem,” says Salem.

As demand for Microsoft talent reaches new highs, the potential for organizations to easily access skilled Microsoft professionals through Revolent will be a game-changer. And, with their collaboration with Microsoft, Revolent strives to create a record number of Microsoft-certified professionals to help organizations and Microsoft Partners accelerate their cloud journey and drive digital transformation.

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Revolent, a division of Tenth Revolution Group, specializes in creating talent that can thrive within specialist cloud technologies, including AWS, Microsoft, and Salesforce. With hubs located in the US, UK, Australia and Canada, Revolent recruits, cross-trains, and places talent for those ecosystems, fueling the tech industry with the next generation of certified cloud specialists from a range of diverse backgrounds.

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