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WINCANTON PLC - Purchase of shares for the Employee Benefit Trust

18 July 2022



Purchase of shares for Employee Benefit Trust

Wincanton plc (the "Company" or the "Group") has been notified by the Trustee of the Wincanton Employee Benefit Trust (‘EBT’) that the EBT has purchased a further 200,072 Ordinary Shares of 10p each (‘Shares’) in the Company, as part of a wider programme to purchase a total of 1,000,000 Shares.

The Shares will be held in the EBT, which is a discretionary trust for the benefit of the Group’s employees. The Shares will be used to satisfy the exercise of share options by employees, including PDMRs of the Company.

Purchases for week ending 15 July:

      11 July 2022 XLON  12,000  359.9790

12 July 2022 XLON  32,415  360.9438

13 July 2022 XLON  46,657  361.9320

14 July 2022 XLON  34,000  358.5000

15 July 2022 XLON  75,000  363.1210

             TOTAL 200,072

The average price of the purchases for the week ending 15 July was 361.5172 pence per share.

The issued share capital in the Company remains unchanged at 124,543,670 Shares.


About Wincanton 

Wincanton is a leading British supply chain solutions company. The Group provides business critical services including storage, handling and distribution; high volume eFulfilment; retailer 'dark stores'; two-person home delivery; fleet and transport management; and network optimisation for many of the UK's best-known companies.

It is active across a range of markets including food and consumer goods; retail and manufacturing; eCommerce; the public sector; major infrastructure; building materials; fuel; and defence. With almost 100 years' heritage, Wincanton's 20,300-strong team operates from more than 170 sites across the country, responsible for 8,500 vehicles.

For further information please contact:

Wincanton plc                                                              Tel: +44 1249 710 000
Lyn Colloff, Company Secretary

Headland                                                                     Tel: +44 20 3805 4822
Susanna Voyle/ Henry Wallers/ Marta Parry-Jones